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Ionic mitigation of CD4+ T cell metabolic fitness, Th1 central nervous system autoimmunity and Th2 asthmatic airway inflammation by therapeutic zinc.

Krone A., Fu Y., Schreiber S. et al., 2022,

Sci. Rep. 

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Lipotoxicity as a Barrier for T Cell-Based Therapies.


Böttcher-Loschinski R et al., 2022, Biomolecules.

(Collaboration with Dimitrios Mougiakakos' group)




Institute of Molecular and 

Clinical Immunology

Medical Faculty

Otto-von-Guericke University


Leipziger Str. 44, Building 26
39120 Magdeburg

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Nitric oxide controls proliferation of Leishmania major by inhibiting the recruitment of permissive host cells.


Formaglio P., Allabdullah M. et al., 2021, Immunity

(Collaboration with Andreas Müllers' group)



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Metabolic Interdepedancy of Th2-mediated type 2

immunity and the Tumor Microenviroment. 

Schreiber S. et al., 2021, Frontiers in Immunology  

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STIM1-mediated calcium influx controls antifungal immunity by regulating the metabolic function of non-pathogenic Th17 cells. 

Kahlfuss S. et al., 2020, EMBO Molecular Medicine  

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CRAC channels and CalciumInflux in T Cell-Mediated Immunity.  

Vaeth M., Kahlfuss S., Feske S., 2020, Trends in Immunology   

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Calcium signaling controls pathogenic Th17 cell-mediated inflammation by regulating mitochondrial function.  

Kaufmann U., Kahlfuss S. et al., 2019, Cell Metabolism   

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ORAI1 mutations abolishing store-operated Ca2+ entry cause anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia with immunodeficiency.   

Lian J., Cuk M., Kahlfuss S. et al., 2018,

The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology   

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